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Hi and welcome to Day 2 of the StencilGirl / etchall Blog Hop! When you get to the bottom of my post be sure to comment to enter the giveaway then hop on over to the other blogs and comment for even more chances to win.

For my project I used these two etchall products.

  • etchall stencil spray
  • etchall etching creme

I also used a glass craft block that I picked up at my local craft store.

After giving the back of my Women Will Heal The World stencil a quick spray with the stencil spray, and letting it dry a few minutes, I placed it over the front of my glass block. I have to tell you, this spray is awesome. It prevented seepage and kept my etched design nice and crisp.

I used just a bit of washi to mask off any parts of the stencil that I didn’t want to etch into my block.

Next, using the an etchall squeegee, I applied the etching cream, per the directions and let it sit the required amount of time. It was about 15 minutes.

I love that the etching creme is reusable. Anything you scrape off can be put right back into the bottle!

Once all of the creme was removed I gave it a quick wipe with a baby wipe and rinse it under water.

To finish it off  I added a piece of gel plate printed card stock to the back of it and added a few lights inside. Just like that, and in a few short minutes, I transformed a plain glass block into a decorative nightlight.

These glass blocks are really versatile.If you want to dress it up even further, you can fill it with rocks, or corks as I’ve done below, affix some flowers to the outside, and add your lights.

Thanks for following along! Be sure to check out all of the other wonderful projects made with StencilGirl stencils & etchall products!

One lucky winner will receive an etchall® Glass Etching Bee-ginner Kit,
reposition/reuse stencil spray
AND a $25 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products!

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Blog Hop Order:

March 14
Mary Beth Shaw
Gwen Lafleur
Mary C. Nasser
Debi Adams
Tina Walker
Cindi McGee
Nadine Carlier
Joe Rotella

March 15
Belen Sotelo
Cindy Gilstrap
Kiala Givehand
Janet Joehlin
Anita Scroggins
Erin Reed
Candy Rosenberg
Susie Bentz

March 16
Carol Baxter
Sandee Setliff
Louise Nelson
Terry Ricioli
Christie Troxell
Steph Ackerman
Julie McGuffee


Art On The Go – A Look Inside My Travel Art Kit

Hi friends. I love to travel and find that my creative self is often inspired by the sights, sounds, & scents of the places I visit. After a full day of exploring, or even before heading out for the day on a new adventure, I enjoy spending some quiet time getting my art on.

I’m frequently asked which art supplies I take with me when I travel, so I thought it time to share a detailed post.

“Memories are the best souvenirs”

While some of the kit’s content can vary a bit, depending on my mood, travel destination, or a new art supply that I may be obsessing over, for the most part I’ve found what works for me and I stick with it.

Here is my most recent travel art kit that I put together for our recent trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

Kit Contents:

– Small Journal

I whipped up one of my own Painty Papers Journals the night before we left and slipped it into a travelers notebook cover by Foxy Fix.

– Water Soluble Pencil

I’m using a dark blue Aquarelle by Faber Castell.

– White Pens & Markers

For detailed info

– Black Pens & Markers

For detailed info

– White Gesso

I like Dina wakley’s brand by Ranger because I they come in small tubes. The white gesso pulls double duty as gesso and as white “paint”.

– Dark Heavy Body Acrylic

For the dark paint I like using “Night” rather than Black, because it’s a deep blue with a wonderful depth of color.

– Small Paint Brushes

– Water Brush

– Scribble Sticks

I like Dina Wakley’s scribble sticks because they’re easy to transport, water soluble, inexpensive & come in a wide range of colors.

– Gelatos

I like that they’ll go on dry and pull double duty as a wet medium, with a little water.

– Glue Stick

Uhu is great for humid climates.

– Watercolors

I like the colors in the Jane Davenport Bright Palette. They’re inexpensive, come in a tin that helps them travel nicely, & they offer a nice pop of color.

– Spray Bottle

Ranger’s Mini Mister is perfect for travel.

– Ephemera

I take a small assortment of stamped images, decorative papers, & bits of painty underpaper. These are great for collage and adding texture & color

– Stencils

I absolutely love the 4×4 stencils by StencilGirl. They’re the perfect size for travel. You can also cut down larger stencils into smaller pieces, like with their ATC Mixup Stencil. I also just added smaller stencil bits to my kit from Traci Bautista.

– Baby Wipes

They’re handy for tidying up and a great tool for removing paint through stencils for texture.


Tucking my stencils right under the band of my travelers notebook keeps them all together in one place.

The Bag:

I’ve tried several types of pouches and bags for my travel art kit and finally found something that I love. It’s a Wash Bag from Lorton & Horn. It has a flat bottom and has a great doctor’s bag opening for easy access.

The best part is that it’s roomy enough to hold all of my travel must-haves plus new additions to the kit, like this set of oil pastels and new Posca Markers.


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” -Mark Twain


Enjoying some art time as we arrive on the island of Kauai

Thank you for joining me as I share a peek into my travel art kit. If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a week full of art and a week full of whimsy.

xo, Belen

Being Intentional in 2018

Hello friends. Can you believe it, we’re already a month into 2018. At the start of the new year, I decided to participate in One Little Word again. I participated in 2016, but I fell behind after a couple of months and eventually gave up. This year, I’ve decided to give it another go and to do things a bit differently.

My One Little Word is INTENTIONAL.  My goal is to make some major progress in the area of being more Intentional in my actions. Intentional about being healthier, about what I spend my money on, and about what I focus my time and energy on.

This year I’ve given myself permission to go at my own speed, to not have to “keep up”. I’ve also simplified my process for completing the monthly prompts by containing it all in a Travelers Notebook. I’ve also committed to spending time, every Saturday morning, working on my prompts and reflecting back on the week, seeing where I succeeded in my efforts and where I need to still improve.

January was a good month for me. I put my word into practice and made much better decisions. I cancelled subscriptions that I like, but rarely use. I began walking a few times a week, started sticking to a set amount of calories per day, did a little destashing in my studio, made a few less impulse purchases, and said no thank you to a couple of wonderful extra projects in order to create space for other opportunities.

The main thing that I’ve tried to keep focus on is to make changes that are sustainable for me. Nothing too drastic, no crazy dieting or killing myself with workouts I don’t enjoy. No “no spend” months…  just small changes that I can keep up over time.

So far, I’m going strong and I look forward to seeing what February has in store for me.

StencilGirl / Mixed Media Inspiration Deck: Empowerment Edition Blog Hop

Hi friends! Today is the start of the StencilGirl and Kiala Givehand Mixed Media Inspiration Deck: Empowerment Edition Blog Hop. The hop runs from January 10-12, 2018. That’s three days full of art inspiration!

I’m excited to share with you what I’ve created. When you reach the bottom of my post, remember to comment to enter the giveaway. Also, be sure to click on the rest of the StencilGirl team to hop on over to their blogs for even more wonderful inspiration! Hop along all three days and leave comments along the way, for multiple chances to enter the giveaway!

For this journal page I selected a three cards from the Mixed Media Inspiration Deck™ and a few of my fave StencilGirl stencils. I also decided to use watercolor as my primary medium, so I selected a few colors to use.

After priming my page with gesso, My first card from the Mixed Media Inspiration Deck™ directed me to use my non dominant hand, for me that ‘s my left, to scribble onto my page . I used a water soluble pencil.

My second card said to randomly add tissue paper or painted paper towel. I strayed a bit and decided to use underpaper because I love it so much.

Next, I laid down some color, using watercolors.

To help unify everything, I brushed on a bit of gesso.

My third card from the Mixed Media Inspiration Deck™ directed me to use a stencil. I chose the Uplifting Words Stencil. I sponged on random words using a light colored acrylic.

Going back to my first card, to direct me what to do next, I used my left hand to doodle on more color and add a few more scribbles.

I wanted to add a bit more texture to my page, so I used the Repetition Stencil and watercolor. For those of you who aren’t sure, yes you absolutely can use watercolor with your stencils! I would suggest, however, that you may want to use a drier brush. It will still yield a wonderfully imperfect pattern with some fun seepage, but it will still allow your pattern to be discernible.

Going back to my non dominant hand, I made some marks, using my brush and more watercolor.

Next, I stenciled on “Be Present” using the Uplifting Words Stencil and a dark blue acrylic.

I added a bit more contrast to my page using that same darker blue and the Union Small Stencil. I love this pattern!

To finish it off, just a few more doodles and marks, using my non dominant hand.

Thank you for following along while I enjoyed some time in the studio with StencilGirl and Kiala’s Mixed Media Inspiration Deck: Empowerment Edition.



One lucky winner will receive both a $25 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products
Mixed Media Inspiration Deck™ Empowerment Edition !

Visit these amazing artists’ blogs and comment for your chance to win!

The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN!
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You have until Sunday, January 14th at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.

Winner will be announced on
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Then copy and paste the blog hop order with embedded permalinks for your day (and previous days if you are scheduled for Jan. 11 or 12) below and include it in your individual blog post:

Blog Hop Order


January 10
Mary Beth Shaw

Kiala Givehand

Tina Walker

Belen Sotelo – You are here

Art Journaling in the ARTmosphere

Hi everyone! I’m art journaling over on the ARTmosphere Rubbermoon blog today! Grab your paints & stamps and join me as I play with Moonlightduo Ink Pads and create this journal page. I may even share a creative tip or two. 

xo, Belen

“Be Intentional” Stenciled Photo Frame

Hello beautiful friends. Today I’m over on the StencilGirl blog making a frame to hold my word for 2018.
My goal is to make some major progress in the area of being more Intentional in my actions. Intentional about being healthier, about what I spend my money on, and about what I focus my time and energy on.
Surrounding myself with visual reminders, like this frame, is a great way to help myself achieve that goal.

Happy stenciling!

xo, Belen

DIY Dollar Store Transparent TN Christmas Dashboards

Tri-fold Desktop Calendar

Hello friends. December 1st already, can you believe it?! I have exciting news to share with you. Today is my very first project as part of the RubberMoon SpaceCrafters team and I made a tri-fold desktop calendar. Hop on over to the RubberMoon Blog to check it out..

Wishing you a wonderful week of whimsy.

xo, Belen


StencilGirl Holiday Hop – Stenciled Gift Wrap & Tags

Hi friends. Welcome to the StencilGirl Holiday Hop! Today I’m going to share an fun way to use your holiday stencils to create your own wrapping paper and gift tags.

I started with some distress inks and a craft tag then sprinkled some water droplets on it. This removed the color and mimicked a snowfall effect.

I placed the Snowman stencil over my tag, masked off the bits I didn’t want to paint. Then using heavy body acrylic I painted the hat and snowlan.

I removed the stencil and painted in the snowman to make him solid.

I placed the Snowman stencil back on and painted in the details using Distress Oxides and acrylic.

For some added sparkle & dimension, I accented my snowman with snowflake paste.

For the wrapping paper, I used the Snow Storm Stencil and Distress Oxides.

I added some ribbon and my package is ready to go under the tress, come holiday time.

The wonderful thing about using stencils to create tags & wrapping paper is the versatility you get from just a couple of stencils. Here I created an entirely different look, using the same process, but the Christmas Poinsettias stencil.

Creating your own gift wrap is a project that the kids have fun with too, so don’t be shying about getting them to join in on the fun!

Happy Stenciling!


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Be sure to comment along the way!

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Winner will be announced November 9th on the StencilGirl Facebook page.







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