Catching Up On 30 Days of Lists

Things have been busy this week with work, setting up the new blog and doing some basic level website stuff for one of Patrick’s clients, so I got a little behind on #30Lists…again. Thank goodness for weekends, right? 🙂

Day 25, #30Lists

Day 25, “What Balance Means To Me” #30Lists

Day 25’s list prompt brought this wonderful quote to mind. I think it really captures what balance means to me.


Day 26, "Rules For Traveling With Me"

Day 26, “Rules For Traveling With Me”

This list was a fun one for me, it got me to thinking about different people I’ve traveled with and how their respective travel styles have meshed (or not) with my own. I tend to be pretty easygoing when traveling. Oh not with regards to planning or packing, mind you. I am an INFJ after all and enjoy researching the place, people and culture of my travel destination. Ok, so I also maaaay have a tendency to over pack. A girl’s gotta be prepared “just in case”, right? But on the actual trip I tend to be really easygoing.

Things happen… tickets get lost, reservations can get bungled; I really don’t sweat that kind of stuff. I guess I just figure that there isn’t much that can’t be remedied so I prefer to focus my energy on having a great time and making wonderful memories.


Day 27, "I Am Thankful For" #30Lists

Day 27, “I Am Thankful For” #30Lists

Today’s list prompt made me take some time to reflect on the things I am most thankful for; that’s definitely something I need to try to do more often.

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