Documented Life Project – Week 44

This week’s challenge was to incorporate leaves. I had originally wanted to create botanical gelli prints, but I just couldn’t find a good selection of leaves where we live in San Diego so I turned to a 12×12 Balzer Designs template that I love by Crafters Workshop.

Using a brayer, I rolled on a layer of fluorescent pink and yellow acrylic paint onto my 8×10 gelli printing plate and placed the stencil over it to pull a print onto cardstock.

Picking up the stencil, I rolled on a layer of black onto my gelli plate and laid the stencil down again, being careful to match the original placement as best as possible, and put my print back on top to pull another print over the stencil.

I’m super pleased with the results. Can I just say again how MUCH I love my gelli plate!


For the middle page, I first prepped my journal page with black gesso and set it aside to dry. Adding some more fluorescent pink and yellow acrylic to the gelli plate, I pulled a print using deli paper. If you haven’t tried using deli paper I highly recommend it, especially for layering it over other mediums.

Next, using a different template by Crafters Workshop, I pulled 2 prints using black paint, onto separate pieces of cardstock and set them aside for use in later projects.

Using the same deli paper print that I had previously used, I pulled a ghost print of what was left on my printing plate. I really enjoy the subtle, gradual look that ghost prints yield and often find that I like them better than the original print.

After trimming the deli paper to size, I used a little fluid medium to adhere it to my page.

I’m often tempted to go with the “a little is great, more is better” concept, so this time I made a conscious decision to declare the page finished and let the subtlety of the ghost print shine.


Supplies Used:

Art Deco Leaf template

Flower Frenzy template

Gelli Plate




1 Comment on Documented Life Project – Week 44

  1. papict
    October 29, 2014 at 6:41 pm (6 years ago)

    I love your pages. The black against those brights really makes your imagery pop. Like you, I tend to love the ghost prints more than the primary print.


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