Mixing Traditional with Pocket Scrapbooking

imageI’ve been asked if you can mix pocket style layouts and traditional layouts in one album. My answer is sure you can, it’s your album, do what makes you happy!

Many years ago, when I first began scrapbooking, there was no such thing as pocket scrapbooking or project life, so all of my layouts were what we now call “traditional” layouts. After a while, my interest and desire to devote so much time to scrapbooking began to wane and my many supplies went untouched for a long time, up until about a year ago. Thanks to Project Life and pocket style scrapbooking, my interest was piqued once again and I was off and running with a new obsession, as I’m oft prone to do.

While my main style of scrapping these days are pocket style layout, I still sometimes want to showcase a particular photo or event on a larger scale and a traditional layout is a great way to do it. You can find various sizes of page protectors or cut and stitch your own to size, then just slip it right into your album along with all of your other layouts.


There’s no wrong way to scrapbook. So whether you journal a little or have a lot to say, use just a few embellies or embellish a lot, or whether you mix pocket style layouts with traditional layouts, your album is Your story, tell it the way You want to and above all else, have fun with it!


Credits: Embellishments and striped washi from Freckled Fawn, the sentiment and “Happy” was a card from the Coral PL kit that I cut, the paper is from my own stash and the darker washi is home made, made it myself.  Thanks for looking!

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