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This past Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the day with a group of local San Diego artists and leading them in an afternoon of Gelli Plate fun. We spent hours mark making, pulling prints and sharing in one another’s creative energy. While there, one of the ladies in attendance asked if I had ever done gel medium resist prints. I had not, but I couldn’t wait to research this technique; and research I did!

Gelli Arts has a great video that can be found HERE, which illustrates how the technique works with Distress Stains over gel medium. It’s a good video and I recommend watching it.2015-01-11 09.32.26 What I’d like to do with this blog post, is to show you is how the same gel medium resist technique works with different mediums. 2015-01-11 10.48.40For the purpose of this post, I used Dylusions Spray (upper left), Jacquard Lumiere Halo paint (lower left), watercolor (upper right) and Color Bloom Spray mists (lower right).

Just for funsies I also tested Walnut Ink and Mister Huey’s Color Mist on a couple of ghost prints, which you’ll see towards the end of the post. 2015-01-11 09.38.44 I started by adding gel medium to my gelli plate and using a brayer to spread it. Think of it as colorless “paint” and apply it just as you would any acrylic paint onto your plate. 2015-01-11 09.40.21 I placed a stencil over the wet medium and laid paper down to pull my print. For this demo I used Strathmore watercolor postcards. Burnish your paper, as usual and pull your print. 2015-01-11 10.31.44 After giving it a couple of minutes to dry, I sprayed my first “invisible print” with Dylusions Spray and watched the magic happen as the gel medium resist image appeared. 2015-01-11 10.49.10 So far, so good. The Dylusions Spray yielded a crisp, vibrant resist image! 2015-01-11 09.48.39 I repeated the same process using a different stencil. This one was part of my StencilGirl monthly subscription, Aug 2014. 2015-01-11 10.49.24 The next medium that I used was Jacquard Lumiere Halo paint  Again, the resist image came through wonderfully. 2015-01-11 10.49.16 The third test was done using a template by Crafters Workshop, for the resist print, then watercolor over the top. You can see that the resist image did come through, but it’s a bit more subtle than the previous two mediums that I tested. 2015-01-11 10.49.31 For this test I used Prima Color Bloom Sprays. This also resulted in a clear resist print. 2015-01-11 10.35.17Just because I was curious, I tested the technique  on book paper and used the Mosaic Swirl stencil by DIna Wakley to create the resist print. When it was dry I gave it a wash of with Daler Rowney Liquid Acrylic Ink. Again, a good print emerged.

2015-01-11 10.51.01 I pulled a few ghost prints as well, just to see how clear they would turn out, and figured I’d introduce a couple of different mediums while I was at it.

The top left was sprayed with Dylusions and the bottom right with Prima color bloom sprays, both of which I showed you already, but the top right I sprayed with Walnut Ink and the bottom left with Mr Huey’s Ink.

All of the mediums tested yielded good resist prints, but I’d have to say that my favorite results were from using the sprays, especially the Dylusions Sprays. The colors were vibrant and the resist image nice and crisp.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found the content useful. Whichever mediums you decide to use, go for it and have fun. Be curious and experiment; see which ones work best for you. If for some reason you find that you aren’t getting satisfactory results, check to see if you’re using enough gel medium on your gelli plate. Remember that for this technique you’ll use it just as you would acrylic paint.

Thanks for reading and thank you, Susan, for inspiring the post.

Wishing you all an art filled week!

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  1. Susan Ringler
    January 14, 2015 at 4:55 pm (6 years ago)

    Wow, love this post. Great results all around! Can’t wait to try this technique.


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