Ready, Set, List!

With the start of March’s round of #30Lists just a few days away, I decided it was time to get my base together.

2015-02-22 12.47.27

This year I decided to go with a book that I made and bound myself with my Cinch Binding Tool.

2015-02-16 07.21.47

To create the base for my cover I used some gelli prints that I had previously pulled onto deli paper. I really like the translucent quality you get with deli paper.

2015-02-22 10.23.27

For the inside of my book I decided to use tags and I pulled easy, fast prints off the gelli plate with them. My goal was to keep the base really basic so that I have the room that I need to list. I can always add more details and layers as I go along each day, this was just so that I’m not staring at a blank tag each morning.

2015-02-22 12.48.53

Next I bound my book with the Cinch, flipping the tags the opposite way halfway through the book, so that the book would lay flat when closed.

2015-02-23 06.19.28To give you an idea how I might add additional artistic elements to my tags on any given day, I added a few circles and some stamping on the tags for days 1 & 2. My goal is to keep it all really easy and simple.

2015-02-23 06.18.34

2015-02-22 12.45.25I hope you’re as excited to begin listing as I am! If you still aren’t sure or if you just haven’t registered, you can do so HERE. This really is a fun, fast and easy way to do something creative every day, in just a few short minutes. Hope you’ll join me!

As always, thanks for reading and I wish you a beautiful week.



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