The Planner Society – Kit Review & Planner Layouts

Happy Monday, friends! I mentioned in Saturday’s blog post that I had subscribed to The Planner Society’s monthly kit but it had not arrived yet. Well guess what, it arrived in Saturday’s mail!

Since I just found out about the Planner Society, and my official subscription doesn’t begin until September, I was lucky enough to snag one of the left over July kits, after the regular subscribers received theirs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can snag an August kit as well!

This kit is a beauty and I can’t wait to share it with you, so let’s dive right it.

How much does it cost?
The kit costs $30.90 a month in the US, that’s $24.95 for the kit + $5.95 shipping. International shipping will cost you a little more.

So what do you get in the July kit?
So. Much. Stuff. Let me show you…

2015-08-01 17.22.03

  • 3 sheets of double-sided, premium weight cardstock
  • 8 assorted Maggie Holmes paperclips
  • 1 sheet of washi flags
  • 1 sheet of assorted stickers
  • 1 pkg of Scarlet Lime tropical themed die cuts
  • 8 premium weight cardstock journal cards
  • 2 pads of sticky notes
  • 1 mini rubber stamp
  • 1 generous roll of Freckled Fawn washi tape
  • 1 mini paper punch
  • 2 tropical metal charms
  • 2 plastic tropical themed embellishments

Do you feel that you got your money’s worth?
You bet I do! Not only do I feel that the amount of items in the kit, and their individual value, outweigh the cost of the kit, but the kit itself is FABULOUS! The colors, the quality, the quantity… all thoughtfully put together into one amazing planner subscription kit. I should also add that Christy Tomlinson takes the time to carefully packaged everything in cute little bags. I would have no problem recommending this kit to anyone!

How do I subscribe?
There is more info available HERE.

Brief time out:
I’d like to take a quick moment to add that I’m not affiliated with the Planner Society in any way, nor do I receive anything for endorsing their products or any other products on my blog. If I like something I share it with you. if I don’t care for something, I’ll let you know that as well. It’s the least I can do for you, since you’re awesome enough to read my posts.

Ok, so with my fun new kit in hand, I just couldn’t wait to decorate my planner!

2015-08-02 09.16.10

I got to spend Sunday morning in my happy place, enjoying a yummy cup of coffee and playing in my Day Designer for Blue Sky planner.

2015-08-02 13.36.32

I decorated the entire week in advance and will fill in more to-do items as the week progresses.

2015-08-02 14.40.39

I used the tiny bow paper punch to make bullets for my weekly overview column.

Somehow, facing something difficult is just a wee bit easier when you’ve scheduled it with pretty stickers!

2015-08-02 11.57.38

I even scheduled in my personal commitment of tackling my fear of oil pastels on three different days. I had to sacrifice a couple of the adorable sticky notes for this, but it was so worth it! Somehow, facing something difficult is just a wee bit easier when you’ve scheduled it with pretty stickers!

2015-08-02 12.46.52

By Beloved’s sleep schedule has been a bit off the last couple of days, so he slept into the day. With all this free time on my hands I decided why stop there…keep on planning! So I decorated my Sparrow’s monthly layout as well.



Since my spiral bound, Day Designer for Blue Sky is my dedicated Art & Whimsy planner, my Sparrow has become where I keep track of all of my dailys. I designed custom inserts to help me do just that. You can read more about those HERE.

Also in my Sparrow is a 3rd Qtr calendar by Yellow paper House for The Reset Girl. At the start of each month it has a full month layout. Mine was just begging to be prettyfied, so I happily obliged it.

2015-08-02 16.10.15

2015-08-02 16.09.32

I love the sticky notes in this kit so much that I stuck them onto my laminated page holder and tucked them right into my planner pouch that I carry my Sparrow in.

Regardless of which type of planner you have… or should I say planners… you’re sure to love The Planner Society kits. This is only my first kit, but I can already tell that I’m hooked!

Thanks so much for reading! I wish you a beautiful week.




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