2016 Franken Planner Mashup Video – Uncoiling & Re-Housing My Plum Paper Planner + Discount Code

As the last couple months of 2015 get underway, many of us have already begun to give thought to next year’s planner set up. Are we staying in the same planner, trying something different, etc?

After researching the many different planners available, I decided to go with a Plum Paper for my business planner because of how customizable it is and the dedicated blog section add-on that they have available. I also wanted to be able to do some stamping in my planner and the paper quality will allow for that.

You can buy Plum Paper planners on their Website and on Etsy. The awesome folks at Plum Paper were kind enough to offer a 10% discount code to followers of Art & Whimsy, good through December 31, 2015. WHIMSY10

2015-10-23 06.40.30

I currently use an A5 Filofax for my personal home planner and really like the roominess of it so I decided to take the plunge and uncoil my Plum Paper and re-house it in an A5 or in this case, “Classic” sized binder style planner. Below is a video walk through of the finished planner.

After seeing the new Planner Love collaborative collection between Franklin Planner and My Mind’s Eye, I knew I’d found the perfect new home for my Plum Paper.


The first step was to uncoil my planner. If you decide to do this, I highly recommend using a good pair of wire cutters like these here to completely cut off the crimped ends of the coil. Believe me, it will make this So. Much. Easier.

Since the size of an A5 or Classic is perfect to hold a Plum Paper, the only trimming that needed to be done was to trim off the pre punched holes along the left side and punch new holes. For this particular set up I used a Franklin Covey Hole Punch that I got from Amazon.

2015-10-23 06.32.21

Using the My Store Line from My Minds Eye, I made dividers and dashboards and added some extra goodies. The planner goodies from the line are available on the Franklin Planner website and some of the other items, like coordinating paper, washi & journal cards are available thru Scrapbook.com

2015-10-24 17.34.07

*A quick note regarding size: This is my first Franklin Planner and you’ll hear me repeatedly refer it its size as A5 in the video. Franklin Covey has different names for their sizes and the correct term, when referring to comparably sized Franklin planner is “Classic”.

OK, and now for the video…

Thanks for watching…Enjoy!




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