Vashi Washi – The Ultimate Washi Dispenser + Discount Code

Hello beautiful people, happy weekend! I have something pretty awesome to share with you today. A few weeks ago I purchased a Vashi Washi tape dispenser from a shop on Etsy and it arrived yesterday. I couldn’t wait to load it up and take it for a “spin”.

And spin it Does… check this out!

Once loaded up with all of your tapes it spins wonderfully.

2016-03-12 08.45.56

I ordered the Vash Washi Deluxe edition which comes with a stainless steel blade for cutting your tape and is said to be able to hold 50 roles. In reality, that’s going to be a bit subjective depending on the types of rolls they are… skinny washi, standard or wide. In any case, it holds a lot!

2016-03-12 09.36.49

The Vashi Washi is smaller than I thought it would be, which was a really nice surprise since it’ll live on my desk. According to the item listing, the dimensions for the deluxe version are 160X150X160mm (6.3X5.9X6.3inches) LxWxH. If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking… mmmkay… 🙂  so here’s a photo of it next to my coffee mug, for reference..

2016-03-12 08.47.09

I love that not only does it make my washi tape easier to get to, therefore easier to use. But having in out on display where I can see and enjoy it is a nice bonus.

Michalis Noukaris, the creater of the Vashi Washi, was kind enough to offer Art & Whimsy followers a 5% discount when spending more than 27 euro. At $30.97 the Vashi Washi Deluxe should meet that spending requirement but he also has other items available including a longer version of this holder. >>The discount code is ARTANDWHIMSY<<

He runs his shop out of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, so allow adequate time for shipping. My order was a bit delayed because he was waiting on a shipment of parts, but it wasn’t too long of a wait once my vashi washi shipped.

Thank you for reading & I hope you found this info useful.



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