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#30 Days Of Lists – Week 4 In Review

Hello friends! I have a quick share for you today. The March 2016 round of #30 Days of Lists has come to a close and I have my final week to share with you today.

As always, this was such an enjoyable challenge. I have come to really treasure those few minutes each morning where I can be creative before heading out to face the work day.

For those of you who have followed along, either here or on social media, a huge thank you and a big squishy hug!


2016-03-22 07.20.34


2016-03-23 07.25.43

2016-03-24 06.54.34

2016-03-25 07.25.06


2016-03-27 10.32.21

2016-03-28 07.21.01


2016-03-30 07.09.50

Hope you’ll consider joining me in the September round of #30DaysOfLists.

Thank you for reading!



#30 Days of Lists – Week 3 In Review

Hello friends! I’m excited to share week 3 with you today. The weeks just seem to fly by when I’m doing a #30DaysOfLists challenge. I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun!

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that my numbering went a little off the rails around day 20. I caught it on day 22 and have since gone back and corrected the numbering.

2016-03-15 07.15.19 2016-03-16 07.23.23 2016-03-17 07.31.51 IMG_20160319_130612 2016-03-19 14.51.42 2016-03-29 06.33.54 2016-03-29 06.34.20

Thanks for reading!



#30 Days Of Lists – Week 2 In Review

Hello friends. I hope you’re having a great week, getting things accomplished and finding time to take care of you.

Life is good around here. Been busy working, living and juggling obsessions. I’m super late in sharing this with you, but here is week 2 of my 30 Days of Lists.

2016-03-08 06.17.48

2016-03-09 07.04.30

2016-03-10 06.52.06

2016-03-11 06.46.00


2016-03-13 13.36.12 2016-03-14 07.13.36

Thank you for following along! If you’d like to see my posts daily, feel free to check me out on Instagram.



#30 Days of Lists – Week 1 In Review

Happy Friday! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week and that your March is off to a great start. Today I have week 1 of #30Lists to share with you.

2016-03-01 07.15.47

My local postal center misplaced the Dori book that I ordered for this round of listing so I had to improvise the night before. I quickly put this book together using my Cinch and some Project Life cards. You can read a past blog post where I share this process HERE. I really like how this book turned out.

2016-03-01 07.23.35

2016-03-01 07.24.42

2016-03-02 07.25.13

2016-03-03 07.26.50

Day 3… I ran out of room so the list continues…
•love animals
•play video games
• understand and support my passion for art
• care about and be willing to help someone in need
• support me emotionally and encourage my continued growth
•love cheese *almost* as much as I do

He does all of this and so much more.

2016-03-04 07.11.38

2016-03-05 09.43.16

2016-03-06 15.22.58

2016-03-07 07.17.34

Week 1, that’s a wrap!

A big squishy internet hug to all of you. Thank you for following along in my creative escapades.



30 Days of Lists Instagram Hop

Big news is happening on Instagram today… Insta Hop and GIVEAWAY!

Visit Art & Whimsy on Instagram to enter and get links to all of the wonderful peeps participating this round as sponsors and ambassadors. Then hop on over to their pages for a peek at their lists.

For the hop I decided to go with “Lessons Learned”



The March rounds of #30 Days of Lists kicks off on March 1st and in honor of that we’re Giving Away TWO #30Lists registrations for March 2016, one for You & one for a friend!

Also be sure to hop on over to see what all of the other #30DaysofLists peeps are up to!

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How to Enter:

— Follow @30DaysofLists AND ArtandWhimsy

— Like the photo

— Tag a friend who loves lists, in this post (@your friends IG name)



The Fine Print:

Every friend you tag counts as a separate entry, but must be left as separate comments.

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends Thursday, February 25 at 5pm PT. This post will be updated with the winner shortly thereafter.


Good luck & thanks for reading!



Registration Now Open for 30 Days of Lists, March 2016

Hello lovelies! It seems like just  yesterday we were enjoying the twinkling of Christmas lights and here we are already, mid February and getting ready to begin the March round of 30 Days of Lists, time sure flies.


I’m super happy to announce that registration for 30 Lists is now open. If you follow my blog or follow me on social media, like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you know that I love love love participating in this listing event and have done so several times already.


Whether it’s a quick list, jotted down on a notepad between errands, something more elaborate incorporated into an art journal or scrapbook album, or even something that you put together digitally with a photo editing app on your phone, #30Lists is a very doable challenge to keep up with.

If you aren’t familiar with 30 Days of Lists, it’s a bi-annual listing challenge that runs for 30 days in March and September of each year. It costs just $10 and that gives you access to the private blog, the private FB group and some other downloadable goodies. It also gives you access to special discounts and maybe even a giveaway or two that are only open to 30 Day Listers! I know of one Awesome giveaway, prizes supplied by Art & Whimsy! Details will be available on the private #30Lists blog once registration is under way!

The two awesome women that make this event happen are Amy & Kam. What they do is provide us with a daily list prompt and then we make of that prompt what we want. There is no wrong way to list.

Whether it’s a quick list, jotted down on a notepad between errands, something more elaborate incorporated into an art journal or scrapbook album, or even something that you put together digitally with a photo editing app on your phone, #30Lists is a very doable challenge to keep up with.

As much as I would like to have oodles of time to spend getting my art on, it’s just not always possible. Having this listing challenge is a fun way for me to take 10-15 minutes out of my day to get that creative energy flowing. I enjoy doing it in the morning before I head to the office. I find that it really helps start my morning on a positive note.

If you’d like to join in on the fun, just click on my affiliate link below to be taken to the registration page to sign up for 30 Days of Lists.


Hope you’ll join me!



30 days of Lists – the Final Week

Good morning lovely people. i hope everyone had a nice holiday season. December came and went in such a blur that I forgot to share the final days of 30 Days of Lists.

2015-12-22 07.22.12 2015-12-23 06.35.11 2015-12-24 07.39.33 IMG_20151225_141723 2015-12-26 10.29.26 2015-12-27 16.39.03 2015-12-28 07.38.00 2015-12-29 21.51.20 2015-12-30 07.23.19 2015-12-31 13.14.34

Thank you to all who followed me, here and on social media. I hope more of you will join in on the next round of listing with me. March will be here before you know it!



30 Days Of Lists – Week 3 In Review

This month has just flown by. I can hardly believe that 30 days of Lists is almost coming to a close. Today I have week 3 to share with you.

I’m proud of myself not only for keeping up with the daily prompts, but also for keeping it simple and sticking to the kit and supplies I set aside for this project. It’s really made it easy and doable in just a few minutes.2015-12-15 06.19.31

16PicsArt_12-17-08.57.282015-12-18 07.08.00IMG_20151219_1848592015-12-20 13.33.36

Notice that I didn’t say that I have too many planners haha!

2015-12-21 07.22.51

Thank you for reading!




30 Days Of Lists – Week 2 In Review

I’m a little behind in sharing this, but I have week 2 of 30 Days of Lists to share with you today. The system that I set up for this round of listing, limiting my supplies to a kit from Cocoa Daisy and a couple of other things from my supply stash is really working.

2015-12-08 07.22.10R


2015-12-10 06.19.53

2015-12-11 07.22.37

2015-12-12 18.03.02R

2015-12-13 17.49.16R


Waaa? It works… haha!

I’ve seen that some of you are listing along with me and it’s been great seeing your posts.

Thank you for reading.



30 Days of Lists – December 2015

Can you believe it, it’s December already! It’s a time for twinkling light, cold weather, warm snuggles & hot chocolate. And, thanks to Amy & Kam over at 30 Days of Lists, it’s also a time for Listing!  They’ve put together a December listing challenge and today is the first day.

If you haven’t registered yet, no worries, there’s still time. You can find out a bit more about it and also register HERE.

Today’s list prompt is: December Is For…

2015-12-01 06.53.21

Day 1

December Is For…

  • Twinkling lights
  • Fresh baked treats
  • The scent of pine
  • New planner set ups
  • Ugg boots
  • Hot chocolate


Since my goal is to keep this round of listing relatively simple, I’m limiting my supplies to only… ok, mostly, to mostly just the December Cocoa Daisy kit.

I’ll be posting my lists, daily, on Instagram and also week in review posts here on the blog. Feel free to follow me or better yet, register and join in on the fun!



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