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My Latest Batch of Pocket Letters


Last week I mailed out this batch of Pocket Letters and I’m pleased to say that they have all arrived at their new homes. I’m so happy that they were well received!

I must admit, I’ve been taking on more swaps than I said I would, but making these little bundles of Happy is just too much fun!

From now on, 2 a week, that’s it. Ok maybe 3… but that’s it! 🙂

2015-05-17 11.32.09 2015-05-17 11.32.32 2015-05-17 11.32.57 2015-05-17 11.33.23 2015-05-17 15.43.03

Thanks for looking!

A Handy Tip for Sending and Storing Washi Tape Samples

Good morning artsy people! Today I have a recent find to share with you.

I’d been looking for something to wind washi tape samples around, something light and thin that I could include in Happy Mail and Pocket Letters. Well, while browsing Amazon I came across these little beauties and they’re perfect!


What they are, is plastic floss bobbins and you can get a pack of them for just a couple of dollars on Amazon. More info available HERE. They’re sturdy, extremely light weight and tuck nicely into a pocket letter or happy mail envelope. Of course, you don’t have to buy 1,000 of them, like I did, but for the price, I figured what the heck, I can give some away and include some empty ones in Happy Mail that I send out.

Another great thing about them is that you can use them to store your own washi tape samples that others send you! They have a handy little hole at the top which allows you to thread them through any number of key rings and clips to help keep them all organized.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s tip!


Happy Mail – Mixed Media In Minutes

Two days ago I went to my post office box, expecting the drudgery of sorting through a week’s worth of junk mail & bills, when I spotted it. It had giant fuchsia polka dots, pink packing tape and it was mine, mine, all mine. Happy Mail for me from the lovely Ms. Micheal A. Hodge!!

2015-03-23 14.04.55

2015-03-23 14.09.17

I ripped it open with glee… junk mail and bills quickly forgotten… and inside I found a treasure trove of ephemera and misc. bits that she so thoughtfully sent me.

2015-03-27 06.17.57

Having been inspired by my Happy Mail, I decided to enjoy a few minutes creating mixed media this morning. I started with a base of Dyslusions sprays and made some circles using the bottom of the bottles.

2015-03-27 07.06.10

Then using some of the contents of the envelope, as well as some of my own bits, pens and Stabilo Pencil, I created this page in just 15 minutes before work.

2015-03-27 07.07.24

2015-03-27 07.06.27

Thank you, Micheal. Not just for the fantastic package of goodies, which I love, but also for the inspiration that you provided. Inspiration that had been lacking as of late.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend full of color!



*Giveaway Now Closed* Happy Mail Give Away!

Because I’m really good at avoiding things I don’t think I’ll do well at, I’m in procrastination mode today.

So, let’s embrace that procrastination and have ourselves a Happy Mail giveaway!!

2015-01-17 13.34.35

I have a total of 6 happy mail envelopes with a various assortment of artsy bits created by yours truly.

The first 6 followers of my blog that leave a comment on this post will have one mailed out to them this coming Monday. Just make sure that I have a way to contact you to get a mailing address.

Thanks for looking & have a great weekend!

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