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Being Intentional in 2018

Hello friends. Can you believe it, we’re already a month into 2018. At the start of the new year, I decided to participate in One Little Word again. I participated in 2016, but I fell behind after a couple of months and eventually gave up. This year, I’ve decided to give it another go and to do things a bit differently.

My One Little Word is INTENTIONAL.  My goal is to make some major progress in the area of being more Intentional in my actions. Intentional about being healthier, about what I spend my money on, and about what I focus my time and energy on.

This year I’ve given myself permission to go at my own speed, to not have to “keep up”. I’ve also simplified my process for completing the monthly prompts by containing it all in a Travelers Notebook. I’ve also committed to spending time, every Saturday morning, working on my prompts and reflecting back on the week, seeing where I succeeded in my efforts and where I need to still improve.

January was a good month for me. I put my word into practice and made much better decisions. I cancelled subscriptions that I like, but rarely use. I began walking a few times a week, started sticking to a set amount of calories per day, did a little destashing in my studio, made a few less impulse purchases, and said no thank you to a couple of wonderful extra projects in order to create space for other opportunities.

The main thing that I’ve tried to keep focus on is to make changes that are sustainable for me. Nothing too drastic, no crazy dieting or killing myself with workouts I don’t enjoy. No “no spend” months…  just small changes that I can keep up over time.

So far, I’m going strong and I look forward to seeing what February has in store for me.

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