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Planner Walkthrough Video – Daily Set Up In My Kate Spade

Hey planner peeps,

Today I’m sharing my first planner walkthrough video… “Daily set up in my Kate Spade – Planning on the go” and it’s available to watch now. I still don’t quite have the hang of speaking on camera, so please excuse my awkwardness! ?

Thanks so much for watching!



Introducing Free Planner Printables by Art & Whimsy

Hello Planner Girls… I promised you a Big Announcement today and here it is! I’m So Excited to announce that I’ve added Free Planner Printables to the blog and they’re ready for you to download and enjoy!

Free Planner Printables

They are all located on their own page HERE and can also be found on the left side of the Home page.

I currently have several inserts available and will continue to add more as time allows and as I create them for my own use. I also share some handy info for printing and punching your inserts, so be sure to check that out.

These free planner printables are just my little way of saying thank you to all the wonderful people in the planner community that welcomed me so warmly. I’ve learned a lot from you ladies, thank you so much!

xo and Happy Planning,


Planner Set Up – On the Go In My Kate Spade

A few days ago I introduced you to my A5 Filofax Fuchsia Patent. I LOVE that planner; it’s a beauty and a great size for my home planner. What I found, however, is that it wasn’t really  working for me as a planner to track my dailys since I wasn’t carrying it around with me. I needed something smaller and little more portable. Something I could toss in my bag and carry around with me.

And suddenly there she was and it was love at first sight. Her name is Kate.


I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Kate Spade Wellesley planner at the outlet not too far from where I work. To be honest, I went in hoping for a rose gold, but got there minutes after the last one was sold and was a little bummed so I got the black. But now, oh my goodness, I could not be happier with the black one!

The black exterior and the pop of the hot pink interior really lend themselves beautifully to my fondness for bright, bold colors.

I’d never had a zip around closure planner but now, after carrying it around for the last couple of weeks, I find that I’m really loving it. This personal sized planner goes with me everywhere and I like knowing that its contents are safely secured inside.

Having a dedicated place to track all of this information has been a Huge help in my daily pursuit to a better me

I gave some serious though to how I wanted to use this agenda. I knew that I wanted to use it to track my dailys, such as nutrition, fitness, to-do lists, shopping lists and personal growth so I reformatted my custom A5 daily inserts to fit the personal size of this planner. Having a dedicated place to track all of this information has been a Huge help in my daily pursuit to a better me.

2015-10-18 12.55.07

My daily inserts are 2 pages, but I find that I really only use 1 page on the weekends as I don’t have as many errands and to-dos.

2015-10-18 13.06.31IG

While I do keep a monthly overview calendar in here for quick reference, I won’t be doing a lot of actual “planning” in this planner. I’ll be using it as more of a brain dump. A place to jot down notes, random thoughts, inspiration, and also a place to keep track of online purchases and things that pique my interest that I want to research in-depth when I have more time.

2015-10-10 07.25.26

Since we’re already well into October and Dia de Los Muertos is right around the corner, I immediately set about to prettify my Kate Spade with some inserts, a dashboard and a few planner clips. I’m drawn to the imagery and bright colors associated with this holiday and figured that the theme would go well with the hot pink interior color. Side Note:These Day of the Dead clips are currently available in my Etsy shop.

2015-10-10 07.20.34

I needed some stickers to spruce up my inserts so naturally I turned to Etsy and found these cuties by Inky Dinky Printing that coordinated perfectly with my clips… Score!

I’m so beyond pleased with this Kate Spade Wellesley planner and feel that I have finally achieved planner peace, at least for my dailys!

Thanks for reading and as always, I wish you Happy Planning!





Planner Clip Storage

Planner clips, I love them! Whether I make them myself or buy them from some of the amazing ladies on Etsy, I just can’t get enough of them. Not only are they functional for marking particular pages in my planner and keeping smaller bits securely attached, they’re also an easy and fun way to add some bling!

While my planner clip collection is still small, I continue to make and buy more. They’re like potato chips, you can’t have just one. Ok, who am I kidding, they’re like Planners… You Can’t Have Just One!

As my collection grows I’ve found myself in need of a way to store them so that I can easily see what I have and where I purchased them. Having that info comes in handy when posting to my blog and social media.

2015-10-17 11.11.22 IG

This is what I came up with and it seems to working well for me. Using trading card sleeves and a 3 ring binder I’m able to keep my clips neat and organized. By adding in a pre-printed card that has space for me to write where I purchased the clip and from whom, I have the info that I need at the turn of a page.

2015-10-17 11.06.24

Planner Clips by Art & Whimsy (left), The Planner Society (top), myluckycharm_ & emileespeaks (bottom)

I’ve found that this even works with the chunkier polymer clay planner clips, I just clip them to the top of the card rather than push them into the pocket.

2015-10-17 11.24.42

To make your own, you’ll trading card sleeves, like these HERE, a binder and some pre-printed cards. I made mine using my Silhouette.

2015-10-17 11.23.20

Once your info cards are printed, trim them with your paper cutter to fit the pockets of your trading card sleeves. Standard size will be 2.5 x 3.5. I insert mine so that the info faces away from me so that when I open the binder I see my pretty clips and the info isn’t obstructed on the back, but you can see which works best for you.

2015-10-17 11.25.54

Planner Clips by Art & Whimsy

All that’s left to do is just stick your planner clip filled pockets into your binder and you’re done!

Thanks for reading & Happy Planning!



Fall Into Planning

Well it’s official, I’m a card-carrying planner addict and have fallen for the planner craze like a love struck teenager! With Fall upon us, a new Filofax Original A5 Patent Fuchsia waiting to be moved into and an unopened September Planner Society kit, I recently found time to play.

2015-10-03 09.20.24

The first order of business was to create some laminated dividers and a dashboard. I selected some pretty colors that would go with the patent fuchsia, but still carry me through Fall.

2015-10-04 14.12.46

Originally, this A5 was going to be my daily planner, a place for me to track my dailys, like To-do lists, shopping lists, fitness, etc so I created these custom inserts. I quickly found that since I wasn’t carrying this planner around with me, it wasn’t a system that was going to work for me. I’d find myself out in the world wondering what I was supposed to pick up at the grocery store, while the shopping list sat in my pretty planner at home!

Just last weekend I reformatted these inserts for a personal Kate Spade that I love and carry around with me everywhere, but I’ll blog about that at a later date.

2015-10-03 11.34.26

I used a few of my own planner clips, ones that I carry in my Etsy shop,  and some of the yummy items in the September Planner Society kit, including that awesome hand sketched planner girl card that I turned into a dashboard, to prettify my planner and give it that lived in feeling.

2015-10-04 09.46.46

“Why have 1 planner dashboard when you can have many” is what I say, so I made another using more of that ridiculously cute Planner Society paper and embellished it with stickers die cuts from the kit. I even cut out one of the sketched girls, gave it a splash of watercolor, laminated it and created a custom planner clip!

Thanks for reading and sharing in my original A5 set up.



My Week In Color with the August Planner Society Kit

I gifted myself an extra day off work, to make it a 4 day weekend, so I spent the day hanging out with my Beloved, listing and playing in my planner. I used the August Planner Society kit for next week’s layout and made up a couple of extra planer goodies that snap right into the coils… a cute little pocket and a mini “To Do” dashboard.

2015-09-04 09.05.30

The colors in this kit are positively swoon worthy! And get a load of that pen that looks like a small camera… Adorable!

I used a couple of bows from my stash to make some coordinating clips and a button as a “clasp” for the pocket envelope.

2015-09-04 08.58.50

1st half of the week.

2015-09-04 08.44.53

2nd half of the week



front view of mini dashboard

This sweet little card was just begging to be laminated and turned into a mini dashboard that I could move from week to week.

2015-09-04 08.48.26

flip side of mini dashboard


Planner pocket

The quality of the paper in the kit is unbelievable and I love finding fun, new ways to use it in my planners. This time I made an envelope style pocket with my Silhouette.

Thanks for sharing in my week in color.

Happy Planning!




Ready, Set, List! September 2015

Hello Listers! Today I’d like to share my list book with you, it’s what I’ll be using come September 1st for the 30 Days of Lists challenge. I’ll also share a peek at the area where I’ll be doing my listing.

This is my 4th round of 30 Days of Lists and I’ve used different base styles, including a handcrafted mixed media list book and a couple of different versions of pocket style scrapbook bases. I have a passion for mixed media, so I really enjoy being able to incorporate that into my listing.2015-08-22 11.53.33

This time I’ve decided to list in my Traveler’s Notebook style planner, using a fusion of scrapbook and mixed media elements, it’s the best of both worlds for me!

2015-08-22 12.04.36

The sweet leather “Pink Lemonade” planner that will house my list book is by Onica Hanby. I highly recommend her shop if you’re looking for a fauxdori. Good quality leather and her attention to detail makes for some gorgeous planners.

2015-08-16 11.09.16

Using a mixed media insert from Yellow Paper House, I decorated the outside of my list book by layering one of my gelli prints, some music sheet paper and a few other painty bits. Journal cards from my stash were added for layering and a couple of other elements that I created with my Silhouette, like the “listing nerd glasses” and a few 30 Lists paper clips finished it off.

2015-08-22 10.56.48

I realize that I’m so very fortunate to have a dedicated art room where I can indulge in my passion for making pretty things. After a grueling work day, I enjoy coming in here to unwind, get my fingers nice & painty, make some lists or just play in my planners.

I recently spent some time prettifying & organizing the desk area in my studio, this is where I’ll be doing the majority of my listing. I set it up so that my most used listing and planning supplies are within easy reach.

One of the main things that I enjoy about 30 Days of Lists, aside from it being tons of fun, is that it’s fast. In just a few minutes I can get a creativity fix to either jump-start my day in the right direction, or help me distress after a long one.


For this round of listing I have the pleasure of being not only a participant, but a sponsor and affiliate as well. If want to join in on the fun, but haven’t registered yet, there’s still time! Just click on the image above and it’ll take you to the registration page.

Another aspect that I really enjoy about 30 Days of Lists is reading all of your lists and seeing what you create. I’ll be posting my lists to the private Facebook group as well as Instagram and Pinterest, via my blog. I’d love it if you’d follow along!

See you on September 1st!



My Week In Color + Exclusive Villa Beautifful Discount Code

Hello lovelies! As most of you know, as a serial obsessionist, when I take on a new obsession, I’m in it to win it. Well, the planer craze has been no different for me. I’m All. About. It. I research, I buy… I play, I buy… I buy, I BUY. You get the picture.

Last week I went on a sticker binge. Ok, technically I’m kinda sorta still on it, don’t judge me!I’m calling it an early Birthday splurge from me to me. 🙂

This week some of those lovely stickers started rolling in and among them was the most fantastic treat from Villa BeauTIFFul, stickers for me and a super sweet exclusive discount code for all of my Art & Whimsy followers!

I’ll provide the discount code towards the end of the post, but first.. oh my goodness… just look at some of the yummy stickers available in Tiffany’s shop and how I used them in my Day Designer for Blue Sky for next week’s layout.

2015-08-23 09.22.48

I used matte white stickers from the Girly Gold Set and clear stickers from the Girly Gold Clear Tape set. I then added some of my own pink and black washi, a couple of stickers from my stash and some sweet little paperclips that I created out of my own original artwork.

2015-08-23 09.25.11

I just love how all of the Villa BeauTIFFul stickers play well together. The pink, black and antique gold give my pages such a feminine, playful feel. They make me smile when I look at them.

2015-08-22 10.42.03

Here are some of the other pretties that I bought from this shop. They’re all so pretty, I can’t wait to use them!

I SO encourage you to stop by Tiffany’s shop for a browse. She has a gorgeous new website, lots of awesome stickers and tons of planner pics in her gallery that you’ll be drooling over.


As a special treat to all Art & Whimsy followers, Villa BeauTIFFul has generously provided an exclusive discount code: ARTWHIMSEY15 for your shopping pleasure, so have fun! Oh and be sure to include that “E” when spelling whimsy! 🙂

Thanks for following Art & Whimsy, I wish you a colorful week & Happy Planning!



The Planner Society – Kit Review & Planner Layouts

Happy Monday, friends! I mentioned in Saturday’s blog post that I had subscribed to The Planner Society’s monthly kit but it had not arrived yet. Well guess what, it arrived in Saturday’s mail!

Since I just found out about the Planner Society, and my official subscription doesn’t begin until September, I was lucky enough to snag one of the left over July kits, after the regular subscribers received theirs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can snag an August kit as well!

This kit is a beauty and I can’t wait to share it with you, so let’s dive right it.

How much does it cost?
The kit costs $30.90 a month in the US, that’s $24.95 for the kit + $5.95 shipping. International shipping will cost you a little more.

So what do you get in the July kit?
So. Much. Stuff. Let me show you…

2015-08-01 17.22.03

  • 3 sheets of double-sided, premium weight cardstock
  • 8 assorted Maggie Holmes paperclips
  • 1 sheet of washi flags
  • 1 sheet of assorted stickers
  • 1 pkg of Scarlet Lime tropical themed die cuts
  • 8 premium weight cardstock journal cards
  • 2 pads of sticky notes
  • 1 mini rubber stamp
  • 1 generous roll of Freckled Fawn washi tape
  • 1 mini paper punch
  • 2 tropical metal charms
  • 2 plastic tropical themed embellishments

Do you feel that you got your money’s worth?
You bet I do! Not only do I feel that the amount of items in the kit, and their individual value, outweigh the cost of the kit, but the kit itself is FABULOUS! The colors, the quality, the quantity… all thoughtfully put together into one amazing planner subscription kit. I should also add that Christy Tomlinson takes the time to carefully packaged everything in cute little bags. I would have no problem recommending this kit to anyone!

How do I subscribe?
There is more info available HERE.

Brief time out:
I’d like to take a quick moment to add that I’m not affiliated with the Planner Society in any way, nor do I receive anything for endorsing their products or any other products on my blog. If I like something I share it with you. if I don’t care for something, I’ll let you know that as well. It’s the least I can do for you, since you’re awesome enough to read my posts.

Ok, so with my fun new kit in hand, I just couldn’t wait to decorate my planner!

2015-08-02 09.16.10

I got to spend Sunday morning in my happy place, enjoying a yummy cup of coffee and playing in my Day Designer for Blue Sky planner.

2015-08-02 13.36.32

I decorated the entire week in advance and will fill in more to-do items as the week progresses.

2015-08-02 14.40.39

I used the tiny bow paper punch to make bullets for my weekly overview column.

Somehow, facing something difficult is just a wee bit easier when you’ve scheduled it with pretty stickers!

2015-08-02 11.57.38

I even scheduled in my personal commitment of tackling my fear of oil pastels on three different days. I had to sacrifice a couple of the adorable sticky notes for this, but it was so worth it! Somehow, facing something difficult is just a wee bit easier when you’ve scheduled it with pretty stickers!

2015-08-02 12.46.52

By Beloved’s sleep schedule has been a bit off the last couple of days, so he slept into the day. With all this free time on my hands I decided why stop there…keep on planning! So I decorated my Sparrow’s monthly layout as well.



Since my spiral bound, Day Designer for Blue Sky is my dedicated Art & Whimsy planner, my Sparrow has become where I keep track of all of my dailys. I designed custom inserts to help me do just that. You can read more about those HERE.

Also in my Sparrow is a 3rd Qtr calendar by Yellow paper House for The Reset Girl. At the start of each month it has a full month layout. Mine was just begging to be prettyfied, so I happily obliged it.

2015-08-02 16.10.15

2015-08-02 16.09.32

I love the sticky notes in this kit so much that I stuck them onto my laminated page holder and tucked them right into my planner pouch that I carry my Sparrow in.

Regardless of which type of planner you have… or should I say planners… you’re sure to love The Planner Society kits. This is only my first kit, but I can already tell that I’m hooked!

Thanks so much for reading! I wish you a beautiful week.




Ain’t No Party Like A Planner Party!

I may have arrived late to the planner party, but boy have I arrived!

By now you’ve likely at least heard of the planner craze that has taken the craft community by storm, right? Well I’ll be the first to admit that I fought it for nearly a year. I just didn’t feel that my schedule was varied enough to merit the use of a planner. Until earlier this month, that is, when I succumbed to the charms of the Chic Sparrow, or Jendori, as my fellow planner addicts will call it.

I gotta tell ya, I may have arrived late to the planner party, but boy have I arrived! This baby is a beauty.

2015-07-10 14.53.53

My Jendori is Traveler’s Notebook size and well, me being me, I couldn’t wait to pretty her up a bit.

2015-07-11 11.46.30

2015-07-11 11.50.22

I made a laminated dashboard out of some pretty scrapbook paper and an insert that I designed myself to keep track of all my dailys. I call it My Daily Dashboard. Initially I designed the insert and the layout then sent it to Papier My Day, on Etsy, so she could put it into a printable format for me. It turned out fine, but I decided I wanted to make some more changes so I forced myself to stop being lazy and just sit down and create it, start to finish.

I’m really pleased with my results, but I still very much do recommend Papier My Day if you’re looking for a custom layout. Veronica is fast, friendly and easy to work with. I love my Sparrow and it goes with me pretty much everywhere I go. I find that having a dedicated place to track my water intake, nutrition, to-do list and even what I’m grateful for each day has had a very positive impact on my life.

One would think that one planner would suffice, right? Well, not for long! Once you’ve been bitten by the planner bug, it’s like something happens and you want more and more!

Enter Day Designer for Blue Sky at Target…Squeeee!


Another type of planner that’s a huge hit right now, are spiral planners. Day Designer teamed up with Blue Sky to bring a fantastic, budget friendly line to Target stores. Don’t have a Target near you? No problem, you can shop the Blue Sky website HERE.

I wanted a planner specifically for all of my Art & Whimsy projects and this ended up being a great option. They offer vertical and horizontal layouts in your choice of daily or weekly spreads. I bought 2 journals, horizontal and vertical, both with weekly spreads, so that I could compare the two and see which one worked better for me.


2015-08-01 08.57.08

Vertical Layout

2015-08-01 08.57.18

2015-08-01 08.56.21

Horizontal Layout

2015-08-01 08.56.31

After looking over both of these planners I found that my brain is much more drawn to the vertical weekly layout so that’s what I’ll be working in for the rest of 2015.


This was my first week in this planner and you can see that I had a blast decorating it.

2015-07-29 06.12.40

2015-08-01 08.52.36

This week’s layout was done with Scotch Expressions Washi Tape in neon pink stripe, Amy Tangerine thin washi, a Heidi Swapp word sticker and  Kaisercraft die cuts from the Fly Free line. it’s so much fun being able to check things off of my to-do list on pages that are so colorful and vibrant!

I also just signed up for the Planner Society monthly kit and was able to snag one of the remaining July kits!


Photo property of Scarlet Lime

Just LOOK at all this yummy goodness to jazz up my planner pages. I can’t wait for it to arrive! If want more info on signing up for The Planer Society Kit it’s available HERE.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a great weekend!



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