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A5 Vertical Christmas Planner Insert Now Available

Hello lovelies. Just a quick post to let you know that I spruced up my A5 vertical planner insert for the holidays and thought I’d share it with you.


I know that there’s a lot of A5 planner lovers out there and this insert will give you another option.

It’s available for download on my Free Planner Printables page. Enjoy!




A Learning Experience

5/28/2016 UPDATE: The Free Planner Printables page is back up, minus the versions of the insert in question. That one will remain unavailable until I learn more about the situation Thank you for your patience.


Today I experienced my own ignorance on a subject come back and kick me in the pants and it feels pretty darn yucky.
A while back I designed a custom insert &
had a wonderful shop lay it out because I was lazy.
Then I wanted revisions so I just recreated it myself using that layout.
I explained all this on my blog when I first posted and gave that shop credit. Later I created other versions of that insert, based off my original design, & offered them all for free on the blog.

Today I was told that it was copyright infringement. I don’t know what to do…
don’t know if that shop is correct or not, or what constitutes copyright infringement. Ignorance on the subject isn’t an excuse, I should have looked into it first. I have some learning to do in this area.

In the meantime I’ve disabled the planner printables page until I can figure out what is correct.

Thank you for your patience while I learn and grow from this.


Free Christmas Planner Printables

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and you know what that means to many of us planner girls… we get to deck not only the halls, but our planners too! I’ve added a touch of Holiday Cheer to some of my inserts to help keep us organized and on track during this busy holiday season.


Xmas Inserts Image


All of my free planner inserts can be found HERE and are yours to enjoy for FREE. All I ask are that you:

  • Please don’t sell them or try to profit from them in any way
  • Please help me spread kindness. If you come across a fellow planner addict that might benefit from their use, please tell them about my blog and where to find the printables.

Oh! Just one more thing… I would love, love, love it, if when you use the printables and post photos to social media, if you would give me a shout out so I can show your post some love and see my creations in action.

IG / twitter: @ArtandWhimsy

Facebook: ArtandWhimsy

Thank you and Happy Planning!

Introducing Free Planner Printables by Art & Whimsy

Hello Planner Girls… I promised you a Big Announcement today and here it is! I’m So Excited to announce that I’ve added Free Planner Printables to the blog and they’re ready for you to download and enjoy!

Free Planner Printables

They are all located on their own page HERE and can also be found on the left side of the Home page.

I currently have several inserts available and will continue to add more as time allows and as I create them for my own use. I also share some handy info for printing and punching your inserts, so be sure to check that out.

These free planner printables are just my little way of saying thank you to all the wonderful people in the planner community that welcomed me so warmly. I’ve learned a lot from you ladies, thank you so much!

xo and Happy Planning,


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