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A Learning Experience

5/28/2016 UPDATE: The Free Planner Printables page is back up, minus the versions of the insert in question. That one will remain unavailable until I learn more about the situation Thank you for your patience.


Today I experienced my own ignorance on a subject come back and kick me in the pants and it feels pretty darn yucky.
A while back I designed a custom insert &
had a wonderful shop lay it out because I was lazy.
Then I wanted revisions so I just recreated it myself using that layout.
I explained all this on my blog when I first posted and gave that shop credit. Later I created other versions of that insert, based off my original design, & offered them all for free on the blog.

Today I was told that it was copyright infringement. I don’t know what to do…
don’t know if that shop is correct or not, or what constitutes copyright infringement. Ignorance on the subject isn’t an excuse, I should have looked into it first. I have some learning to do in this area.

In the meantime I’ve disabled the planner printables page until I can figure out what is correct.

Thank you for your patience while I learn and grow from this.


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