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Portable Printer Showdown – Comparison & Review

Hello lovelies. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I’m sharing a comparison video and a review of the two new portable printers that I’m currently using for my memory keeping, the Fuji Instax Share Printer 2 (Gold) and the HP Sprocket in white.

I also give you a peak at the cases I store my portable, smart phone printers in:

Khanka Hard Case Travel Bag and the CaseSack Travel Pouch Case with Zipper in Rose Gold.

Portable printers are extremely useful, from things like scrapbooking, to working on the go. There are many brands out there, and I am making it my mission to test them all. One of my friends made the statement recently that the best portable printers – Brother Mobile Solutions and I am definitely going to have a look and test it out!

I am all about testing new things and seeing what different brands have to offer, so keep your eyes peeled for a new video soon to update you!

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