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Mounting Unmounted Stamps

Hello my crafty peeps! After receiving several comments and questions on Instagram about how to mount full sheets of unmounted stamps, I thought I’d film a quick process video.

The stamps that I’ll be mounting in the video are from Invoke Arts on Etsy. I’ve had mixed feelings about this shop in the past but decided to place another order and I’m happy to say that shipping was really fast this time. I had my stamps in about 4 days.

I purchased my EZ Mount from Amazon. You may not need a 10 pack, but it’s handy stuff to have on hand.

The DVD cases that I use to store my mounted stamps can also be found on Amazon.

Thanks for watching my video. Have a wonderful week!



Creating Custom Stamps With The Silhouette Mint + Review

Not too long ago I received a Silhouette Mint Kit from my Beloved as a gift and have been meaning to share it with you. I’ve had such fun creating custom stamps with my Mint and have used them in a planners, in happy mail and for outgoing orders in my Etsy shop.

2015-10-10 14.56.46

Everything you see here is what comes in the box. This is enough to make 2 stamps and refills are available through the Silhouette America store and through Amazon.

2015-10-11 11.11.36

2015-10-11 12.38.20

This is the first stamp I made. I’ve since made return address stamps, planner stamps, and just yesterday I made a stamp for One Little Word 2016.

2015-12-24 17.07.39

Aren’t the stitched journal spots so cool? They were created by my friend, Katie. You can find her on IG at FiveFingerArtStudio . Thank you Katie!

A couple of things about the Silhouette Mint Stamp Kit refills. While it could be argued that the refills are a bit on the pricey side, not having to wait for a custom ordered stamp to arrive in the mail and having the flexibility to customize my own design or use one of the preset designs in the Mint Studio software more than makes it worth it.

Also, once you own the block mounts for whichever stamp sizes you wish to make, you don’t have to buy additional of the same size mount because the stamp head slides on and off, making them interchangeable. You can then just buy the Silhouette Stamp Sheet Sets. This also makes storing your stamps a lot easier than traditional wood mounted stamps.

As someone who enjoys mixed media and does a lot of art journaling, I tested the Silhouette Mint Ink that’s required for use with these stamps to see how it played with other wet mediums. While I really like the stamped results with this ink, i did find that it will smear if you apply something like gel medium over it. That’s really just a very minor inconvenience in my opinion and I have no problem working around that.

For the price, what you can create with it and for the ease of use, I give the Silhouette Mint Stamp Kit my Art & Whimsy stamp of approval and look forward to making many more stamps.

Thanks for reading,






Fun With Barcodes

Hi all! Hope you had a fun and safe holiday.

I spent this morning having some fun with my new Barcode stamps and wanted to share them with you. They were designed by France Papillon for Stampotique.

I can already tell that they’re going to be a fun element to add to my art journals, happy mail & pocket letters.

2015-07-05 09.07.10

The stamps are sold separately and there are currently 3 that make up the set.

Barcode Stamp

Barcode Text

Barcode Text #2

2015-07-05 09.32.36

These are fun and different, and I like the tags that I made with them so far. Here’s one that I made for a pocket letters that’s going postal tomorrow.

IMG_20150705_091025This was a plain white pre-made tag that I used some gellatos on, for color. Then added a bit of Deli Paper Washi

One thing I will say is that I found a stamp positioner to be crucial to my being able to successfully align the text under the barcode. I used a Stamp-a-ma-jig Stamp Positioner, which I’d seen around before and never thought I would have a need for. Well let me tell you, wow, it makes things SO much easier.

Here is a short tutorial, by France Papillon, that shows you how to use the Barcode stamps. You’ll see that she too uses a stamp positioner.


And here’s quick tutorial, from TheMadStamper, which explains how to use a Stamp-a-ma-jig

If you’re not familiar with Stampotique you’re in for a treat. They have a great team of designers and the stamps are fun, fresh, and like nothing I’ve seen in the local stores. They are a home based business, based in Arizona, and their stamps are in high demand. This doesn’t quite make for the speediest of shipping times, but they’re well worth the wait. I already have my eye on a few more!

Thanks for looking and I wish you a wonderful week!

Art Fusion Stamps

Good morning, I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

I have a quick post for you today, just to tell you about the new Art Fusion stamps from Art to the 5th, available HERE. They were released a few days ago and I just couldn’t resist.

2015-04-24 14.57.53The set is sold as a full sheet of 16 red rubber stamps. To make them easy to use, I mounted them onto a sheet of EZMount Static Cling Mounting Foam, then used my Tim Holtz non-stick shears to cut out the individual stamps. EZMount is quite sticky, so the non-stick blades of the shears helps things go a little quicker.

Once the stamps are mounted onto the foam and cut out, you just peel off the cling backing, stick them onto your stamping block of choice and get your stamping on!

2015-04-25 09.40.10I stored these new stamps in the same way that I store all of my cling mounted stamps. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE having them in these little cases, especially with the stamped image on the front of the case so I know exactly what’s inside.

If you’d like to know more about my storage method, you can read that blog post HERE.

2015-04-25 09.41.06Inside the case I include info about the stamp for future reference when blogging or posting my art to social media.

I’ve only played a bit with these stamps, but can already tell that they will be a set that I come back to again and again. I can’t wait to find a little more time to play!

Thanks for reading!

Making Whimsical Shrink Plastic Jewelry

I hope that every one of you enjoyed a wonderful holiday, observed in whichever manner which made you happy. Ours was quite enjoyable. We were able to spend time with some of my family, as well as some of my Beloved’s family, who visited us for a few days. We enjoyed some wonderful meals together, walked on the beach, did a little shopping and just enjoyed each others company; it was a really nice few days.

With our Christmas festivities having drawn to a close, I couldn’t wait to get back to my art studio and create something to share with you, my lovely followers.

Last week I shared with you how to create shrink plastic gift embellishments, which can be found HERE. Well today I’m going to share with you how to create some easy and fun shrink plastic necklaces. You may want to purchase a shrink wrap gun if you plan on giving any of these little projects a shot. I gave a few as Christmas gifts and they were very well received. Although I did have to splash out for some people as they prefer fancy, high end jewellery from places like Jacobs The Jeweller. But I do have to admit, those pieces were gorgeous!

2014-12-13 17.22.57This is a set that I gave to a friend, it’s a whimsical butterfly ring and necklace, created using a stamp from Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Insects stamp set.

2014-12-27 01.16.38

These are the supplies that I used to create my necklaces. I also used organza cord necklaces, which is what you see in the example above.

2014-12-27 01.08.59

Today I’ll show you how to create your own and also share a few others that I made using Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds stamp set.

2014-12-27 01.19.07The first thing you’ll want to do is stamp your design onto the rough side of your shrink plastic, using StazOn ink. As I’ve shared before, you can buy different types of shrink plastic, both in the stores and online, so find whichever works best for you. I purchased mine at my local craft store.

If you are using shrink plastic that isn’t pre-roughened, you’ll want to lightly sand one side of the plastic with fine sandpaper then rinse and pat dry. I find it much easier to just buy shrink plastic that has already been pre-roughened. Some people prefer not to rough it up, and if that works for you, that’s totally ok. Find what works best with the mediums that you’re using.

2014-12-27 01.31.36

2014-12-27 01.05.19I recommend trimming your stamped images down to a more manageable size before you start coloring them in. For this step you can use sharpies, acrylics, various inks, even colored pencils, but one word of advice is don’t feel you have to overdo the color. Once you bake your plastic the shrinking process intensifies the color significantly.

For the butterfly necklaces I used a fine brush and Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Pearlescent Inks. Oooh how I LOVE these inks! The colors are wonderfully luscious with a gorgeous pearlescent sheen to them.

2014-12-27 01.33.54

Once your image is painted and dry enough to handle, trim around the edges with scissors but be sure to leave room to punch a hole to thread your chain or ribbon. You MUST punch your hole before you bake!

2014-12-27 10.02.20

Be sure to follow the instructions for the shrink plastic that you buy, mine said to pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for approx 1 minute, but I found that I only needed to bake them for about 35 seconds.

You’ll see them curl up as they shrink, then flatten out. When they flatten is when you want to pull them out with a non-stick spatula and if they need it, give them a light pressing, using a smooth book or the back of a notepad, to flatten then out.

Once that part is all done just add a small jump ring and then thread a chain, ribbon or cord through the hole and you’re all done, your whimsical jewelry is ready to wear!

You can make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, even rings, as you see here on the ae dho keep them safe!

butterfly2014-12-13 17.36.08

These fun little scribbly bird necklaces were created with Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds stamps, as mentioned above, painted with regular acrylic paints and hung from a black ball chain.

Thanks so much for looking, I hope you enjoyed!



Storage Solution For Cling Mounted Stamps!

2014-12-06 02.14.35

Stamps shown here, From Paperbag Studios and Purple Onion Designs

Although I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated art studio, I’m always on the look out for ways to maximize my creative space. Sometimes that means looking into the storage san francisco options to free up space. Often however for me, that means organization and oftentimes organization = containers. Swoon… I LOVE a good container, but they need to be functional. I work to make my creative space as functional as possible so that I have more time to spend creating, rather than sifting through “shtuff” to get to what I need. At times I’ve actually considered using a service like where you can store your belongings for a certain amount of time, but realistically I need all of my creations close at hand. So my lovely follower, I’m excited to share this latest storage solution with you! Cling mounted and unmounted stamps are becoming much more commonplace these days, in large part due to their affordability. They also tend to take up less space than their traditional, wood mounted counterpart and they yield a nice clean print. I tend to purchase unmounted stamps in a full sheet, mount them using EZ Mount and cut them apart myself. Although I’ve been doing this for a while now, one of the major drawbacks, at least for me, has been an inability to find a proper storage solution… I could use storage unit pueblo co but they were an hour out from my home so I needed to think up something closer to home, maybe in my garage. Which would be a suitable solution. But what if your garage was already overflowing with other pieces of clutter from the house that you have nowhere to put? You couldn’t exactly start storing new things with your old stuff, could you? If anything, that would make the problem worse. No, what I need to have a look at is specific storage buildings that could be built onto the property, like in the backyard, so I can have access to it when and if I need to. At least I wouldn’t have the pressure of traveling to and from the unit. That sounds like the perfect idea, but it almost came too late, as one day, I came up with something! While sitting in my studio the other day, sifting through a basket of stamps I’d recently mounted, I thought “there Has Got to be a better way to store theses!”. Then I remembered that Stampin Up sells some of their stamps in plastic cases and I figured if I could find a similar case I could use them for storage, so I set about to search Amazon and came across THESE, exactly what I was looking for. They’re basically DVD cases without the hub. 2014-12-04 07.12.36I eagerly gathered up the supplies that I’d need to create this storage solution: paper trimmer, cardstock in whichever color you please and empty DVD storage cases. You’ll also need your cling mounted stamps and some ink, I used StazOn in jet black. 2014-12-04 07.14.18 I cut some white cardstock to size, making sure it fit into the plastic sleeve on the outside of the case.

2014-12-04 07.15.47

Stamps shown here, “Journal Impressions” by Paperbag Studios.

Taking one of my recently purchased stamp sets from Paperbag Studios, that I had previously cling mounted, I stamped the images onto my cut piece of cardstock using StazOn Ink. I’d like to point out that this storage solution is great for most any cling mounted stamp, it’s not limited to self mounted stamps! 2014-12-04 07.17.53 Because my stamps had been mounted on EZ Mount, as shown above, they clung securely onto one side of the case.

2014-12-06 09.17.27

Stamps shown here, “Journal Impressions” by Paperbag Studios.

Lastly, I slid the stamped piece of cardstock into the plastic sleeve on front of the case. This allows me to easily see at a glance which stamps I have in each case. No more sifting through baskets for me… Wahoo!!

2014-12-06 02.10.31

Stamps shown here, from Purple Onion Designs & Paperbag Studios.

Since I will eventually be storing these on a shelf in my studio, when I get my new label maker for Christmas, yes, I really asked for a label maker :), I’ll attach a label to the spine of each case, indicating its contents and the designer, for future reference. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this blog post, please take a minute to follow my Art & Whimsy blog so you can have emails delivered right to your inbox!

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