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Recycled Art

What’s a girl to do when she receives a delightful Harry & David Gourmet Gift Box? Why, take out the packaging and create art, of course!

I enjoy the challenge of creating something out of ‘nothing” and it’s always nice to seize an opportunity to repurpose recyclables.


These are the materials that were used to package the contents of the gift box, just look at all of them!

My Beloved couldn’t resist a chuckle as my inner craft hoarder emerged and I excitedly unwrapped pears and smoothed out their wrapping. I was especially excited by the gold foil & just couldn’t wait to use it. I really can’t say at this point what excited me more, the edible goodies or these “found” ones, but I’m leaning towards these, my trashcan treasures!


For this layout, I gathered up my found objects, some of my hand carved stamps, acrylics and a few of my favorite pens and I just played.

image  image

I got great texture from incorporating layers of the gold foil and paint.

IMG_7717Hand carved stamps and paint pens create visual movement.

IMG_7716A couple of text stickers for my sentiment.

imageIMG_7715To finish off my page, I punched out a heart from my scrap stash and sewed it onto a bit of the salvaged ribbon.

It was an enjoyable page to create and I have to say, that although its but a small contribution, it feels good to further my current recycling efforts and incorporate some of it into my art.

Wishing you a wonderful week!



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